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" I was born in mother Russia right at the end of communism and moved to
sunny California when I was just 5 years old. Being that my mother
raised my brother and I basically on her own working 3 jobs, it was a
constant struggle for her to put food on the table let alone afford
luxury items, vacations or the like.
Somehow though, we rose above adversity with hard work and dedication
- I promised myself at an early age that I would work as hard & smart
as I could to be able to afford a luxury lifestyle on a dime whenever
and wherever I am in my life!







I've worked in the Skincare and Beauty industry for over 9 years
Lived and traveled to some of the most exotic locations in the world!
You'll get to see some of that and more…

Welcome to my blog and luxury lifestyle page where I'll entice, excite
and sprinkle a little glam & sass into your life! Feel free to roam,
read, learn, ask, comment and shop for all your wants and needs"!